Scientifically Proven Dust Mite Protection
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Custom Made Allergen Bedding

Do you have a extra-deep mattress you need covering,  or a larger than normal favourite duvet?   Or perhaps you have a narrow mattress in a campervan or boat?

We can make MiteGuard dust mite allergen covers for these items as part of our made to measure service - and it may not be as expensive as you think. 

Price guideline: 

If your  mattress cover or duvet is rectangle shaped,  but just a bit deeper or wider than normal, it will usually cost about $40-$50 more then the same standard size.    

  • The price will include all the extra costs such as your individual pattern, extra material, labour and administration.
  • If more than one item is being made of the same pattern, some extra costs will be shared, making it cheaper per item. 

"Bespoke", non-rectangle shaped items, or those with changing depths may incur other costs - for example if a template is required.   


All manufacturing is done in New Zealand.  We try to schedule made to measure items promptly and will be able to give you an expected time frame on inquiry. 

How to inquire: 

Please contact us by email with the details and measurements - length, width and depth,  so that we can quote.   We will add extra for shrinkage and ease of use, so the measurements are best done "edge-to-edge".  Let us know if you want a little more for a soft sinking pillow top.   

Response time: 

We will get back to you within three working days with a quote, and payment is normally arranged on invoice, through internet banking. 

Talk soon. 

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