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Supply during Covid-19 Lockdowns - PLEASE READ

Congratulations NZ -  Level 2!  Well done everyone - a new way of doing things - but if we can stick to the plan we will make it through together! 

MiteGuard will be able to supply your products during the Covid-19 lockdown. Most products will be available; we will note those in short supply on the website. Most products will be available after Queen Birthday weekend.  Production  and courier delays are happening with the shutdowns and staffing restrictions, so please bear with us. Everyone is doing the best they can to get products to you as quickly as possible.  

Delivery:- Please add a “safe spot” where your parcel can be left in the notes section of your order.  

Safe Package Handling during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Like any products purchased and delivered online, to reduce any risk of contaminants during transit, wash your hands immediately after handling any parcels. You can also leave them aside for 3 days.


The health and safety of people living in NZ is of utmost importance to us and we remain committed to following Government Covid-19 guidelines while we fulfil your orders.  MiteGuard products are prepacked and handled in a safe and hygienic manner.  We wish you all the best of health – stay safe and well in your bubbles!

 If you need further advise or assistance with your allergy or asthma, please refer to, or your medical practitioners.