Scientifically proven and immediate protection from Dust Mite Allergen

If you are sensitive to the symptoms of Asthma, Eczema and Chronic Rhinitis, it's possible that you are allergic to House Dust Mites.

MiteGuard has been making allergen barrier bedding-covers in New Zealand for 20 years. MiteGuard products have been independently tested by Richard Thorogood, our consulting microbiology scientist, and - used together - have been proven to be a highly effective dust mite allergen control system.

As we shed skin each day, it gathers in our bedding (mattress, duvet and pillow), providing ideal conditions for Dust Mites to thrive - warm, humid and well-provisioned. Here's the nasty part... it's actually the Dust Mites' droppings - about the size of a pollen grain - that contain the potent allergen (Der p 1) and are responsible for those nasty allergy symptoms.

MiteGuard Bedding Covers use a scientifically proven microweave barrier fabric and specially designed zipped closures to fully enclose your mattress, pillow or duvet. As a result, MiteGuard covers create a highly effective barrier between you the sleeper, and those Dust Mite allergen.

Years of experience, and our knowledge of practical and effective ways to control dust mite allergen, means MiteGuard is the most trusted Dust Mite barrier products in New Zealand. You can be assured of our product quality and performance; we offer a 5-year guarantee on all our products



Get dust mite barrier bedding covers for the whole family, and get a great night's sleep.

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