Scientifically Proven Dust Mite Protection
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Easy care - caring for your covers

Yes, MiteGuard covers are easy to care for - there's not much more you have to do.

To keep the allergen levels down in your bedding, do a hot wash of your normal sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover every week. You need your hot water to be 60°C to be able to kill Dust Mites.  

Wash your MiteGuard® Covers in hot water (60°C) every 3 months or so.  We tell people to do a hot wash every time the seasons change.

Machine washing is best, front loaders are recommended. If you would like to hand wash your covers, please just spin the excess water out before hanging on the line. 

In the meantime, you can vacuum your covers, or wipe them with a damp cloth between washes to keep allergen levels down.

NOTE: The covers will shrink slightly with the hot wash because they are made with natural cotton. To allow for that, we make them slightly 'over-sized' to allow for the shrinkage. And as an added benefit, the oversize will accommodate any slight variations in the sizing of Duvet Inners.  Don’t be surprised if the cover seems a little baggy when you use it for the first time.