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Second - Duvet Cover - King Single - Save $35

Second - Duvet Cover - King Single - Save $35

$184.00 $219.00

Second - These duvet covers have a few small black marks picked up in manufacturing or from being on the end of the roll of fabric.  The marks are  about pin head size, or a couple of mm big and may or may not wash out.  There may be a group of marks together.  The marks will not affect the performance of the duvet cover, and will be covered up by your linen when in use.  Only  2 available - so save  $30 dollars and buy now! 

This highly-effective Dust Mite duvet cover is made from a natural cotton microweave fabric, and encloses your duvet inner for superior allergy protection. 

This cover suits a KING SINGLE duvet with these dimensions:
2060mm (L) x 1800mm (W)

MiteGuard’s Duvet Covers are designed to enclose your duvet inner (you’ll then put your normal duvet cover over the top of the MiteGuard cover).  The natural cotton is breathable – allowing 86% of the air-flow that passes through a standard poly/cotton sheet to pass through the duvet cover fabric.

The gaps in the fabric weave are only 3.5 microns… tight enough to prevent the transmission of dust mite allergens to below detectable levels, and give the sleeper a peaceful, comfortable sleep.

5 year guarantee
Made slightly oversize to allow for shrinkage when
Made locally in Avondale (Auckland, New Zealand)

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    And we also have Travel Covers available for temporary relief if you are heading away.  
    Please contact us if you have any other questions.

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