Scientifically Proven Dust Mite Protection
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Dust Mite Allergen Barrier Pillow Protector

Second - Pillow Cover - Standard - Save $8

$31.00 $39.00

SECONDs - This standard size  pillowcases has a thin mark like a "line" on the front of the pillowcase. It is about 9 cm long.   It will be covered up by your normal linen , once it is on the pillow.    This issue will not compromise the functionality of the pillow protector.  Save $8.  Only 1 available .    

We recommend a MiteGuard pillow cover as the first barrier bedding item for anyone with Dust Mite allergies because of it's proximity to nose, mouth and eyes.

Customers who bought our pillow covers have advised us that the benefits were immediate.  The 3.5 micron natural cotton micro-weave fabric makes our covers effective, breathable, durable and comfortable to sleep on.

Size: 720 mm (L) x 480 mm (W)
Made in New Zealand

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