Besting Hidden Allergens with MiteGuard®
April 29, 2024

Besting Hidden Allergens with MiteGuard®

As we snuggle into our beds, few of us think about the unseen guests that share our cosy retreat.

House Dust Mites (HDM), tiny creatures invisible to the naked eye, thrive in the warm and humid environments of our homes, especially in our beds. These tiny arachnids are not just uninvited bedfellows; they're a major contributor to allergic sinus reactions and respiratory issues such as asthma.

MiteGuard® offers a powerful helping hand with a simple yet effective super-tool: allergen barrier bedding encasements, designed to shield you from these microscopic interlopers.

How can something so small as HDM cause our broken sleep?

These tiny mites feed on the dead skin cells we all shed daily, and their waste contains proteins that trigger allergic reactions in many people. The warmth and humidity of our homes, particularly our beds, provides the perfect breeding ground for these pests.  

Inhaling even small amounts of allergen every night can lead to slow development of disease or over-sensitise your body, so it reacts more to other triggers. HDM are the most common cause of all year-round allergy symptoms.

Their presence and the allergens they produce are a significant concern for those seeking a healthier indoor environment.

MiteGuard’s Solution: Advanced Bedding Encasements

MiteGuard’s mattress covers are more than just fabric covers; they are engineered as barriers, meticulously to prevent HDM allergens from reaching the sleeper. Invasive mites such as bed bugs are also blocked by the barrier.  

Using technology backed by scientific research, with 30 years of experience, these encasements offer a first line of defense in creating a healthier sleep environment.

Their effectiveness lies in a blend of fabric selection, precision weaving, scientifically researched construction methods and testing. Manufacturing in New Zealand allows for  extensive quality assurance processes, ensuring that even the smallest allergen particles are kept at bay. ( link to manufacturing nz blog?)


Understanding Allergies and the Science of HDM

Allergic reactions to HDM are not just about the mites themselves but their faecal matter, (poo) which contains potent allergenic proteins. The poo breaks down to very fine dust, carrying the proteins, which when inhaled or in contact with the skin, can provoke symptoms ranging from sneezing and runny noses to severe asthma.

The science behind these reactions is complex, involving our immune system's response to these foreign proteins, which it mistakenly perceives as a threat, rather than an everyday feature of our natural environment.

Scientific research promotes the use of multiple practical tools as well as medicine to help relieve allergenic responses.  This knowledge is crucial in designing tools like bedding encasements,  which aim to reduce exposure to these allergenic substances and alleviate the symptoms they cause.  

Detailed Look at MiteGuard’s Technology and Quality

The fabric used in MiteGuard® encasements has a pore size of just 3.5 microns, much finer than the 10 microns needed to block HDM allergens.  It is durable, with testing showing it effective even after 100 washes.  Fabric alone is not enough for complete protection, so seam and zip construction methods are independently laboratory tested as well, with results showing >99.9 % of allergen blocked for both Der p 1 (Dust mite) and Fel d 1 (Cat) allergens.

The use of cotton in MiteGuard® encasements promotes breathability and body temperature regulation, enhancing sleep comfort while providing allergen protection.

For people struggling with allergenic skin conditions, respiratory issues, or even hormonal issues, managing body temperature can also assist with a healthier, more comfortable sleep.

Unlike many plasticised waterproof products, cotton is quiet to sleep on, and this can prove to be an important factor in increasing sleep comfort.  

Customer Experiences and Testimonials

People write to us to our company to thank us, and most report significant  improvements in sleep quality and a noticeable reduction in allergy symptoms.

Many report children feeling safer in bed and waking up with fewer respiratory issues. The whole family can benefit as sleep, moods and health improves.  

These testimonials underscore the real-world impact of MiteGuard's products, playing a supporting  role in creating a healthier sleeping environment.

Embrace a Healthier, Allergen-Free Lifestyle with MiteGuard®

Incorporating encasements into your bedding represents a proactive step towards safeguarding your sleep environment, which can help you to lead a healthier life, free from the disruptive influence of HDM allergens.

MiteGuard®'s commitment to quality, backed by scientific research and positive customer feedback, makes it a trusted brand, helping individuals and families across New Zealand to achieve a healthier, more restful night's sleep. These products are not a miracle cure- but they are an easy to use, practical tool. 

Embrace the change and let MiteGuard® guide you to a healthier, allergen-free lifestyle.