Doing Our Bit Towards Sustainability
June 11, 2024

Doing Our Bit Towards Sustainability

We all hear about and understand the basics of being sustainable, but putting steps into action is what really counts for all our futures. We focus on doing our bit for the environment by consciously and continuously making small changes that when adopted by many, can have a big impact. Here’s some of the steps we are taking to build sustainability into our operations:


Recycling and Waste Reduction 

Recycling & waste reduction

We are committed to recycling and minimising waste in our production processes. By sorting and recycling any plastics, paper and cardboard used or received in the business, we ensure that as little as possible ends up in landfills. Fabric scraps are also re-used or recycled.  


Sustainable Steps with Packaging 

Don’t be surprised if your MiteGuard® products arrive in a re-used box or courier bag.  

A few years ago, sending reused boxes to customers would have been uncommon and even frowned upon. Now we are more informed, simple things such as re-using packaging and selecting packaging that is made from recycled components, or packaging that can be recycled or reused, are examples of the steps our business takes to improve sustainability.

Customers can also change their perception of  what they see as acceptable packaging when they order goods online. These small steps help us to continuously reduce waste in our operations and utilise products that are better for our planet and our future.  


Local Suppliers and Manufacturers

two NZ staff checking Miteguard cotton product

Using local suppliers and manufacturers is one key to our sustainability efforts. By sourcing services locally and within New Zealand, we support our local communities as well as reducing our carbon footprint. We work with our suppliers to ensure where shipping needs to occur, it does so in the most sustainable manner to reduce the environmental impact of transportation.   


Local Delivery Companies

NZ post courier van

Partnering with delivery companies that have a series of local depots, or have inter-company working relationships, is another way we ensure that our products reach you in the most eco-friendly way possible. This approach supports local businesses and reduces the carbon footprint associated with longer shipping distances. By choosing local delivery services, we can offer quicker, more sustainable shipping options to our customers.


Sustainable Materials

Cotton sheets

Our products are predominantly made from cotton and natural fibres. This choice helps reduce the amount of microplastics released into the environment and promotes the use of natural, biodegradable fibres. High quality cotton is not only durable, breathable and  healthy, but  is also a renewable resource. We regularly consider the processes and fabrics we use to align with improving sustainability. 


Limiting Microplastics

We aim to limit the production of microplastics in all our processes. By choosing natural fibres and sustainable materials, we help protect our waterways and marine life from plastic pollution.  Recent scientific research indicates that microplastics are also infiltrating our bodies and affecting both animal and human health.

Our commitment to reducing microplastics is reflected in our product design and manufacturing processes, working towards minimising our environmental impact. For example, we use cloth scraps for ties and are changing our shipping tapes to  those with a biodegradable paper-base, rather than using traditional cellulose tape. 


Small Steps Help Shape Our Future

We are not all eco-warriors, but we believe that small steps taken collectively have the power to make a huge difference for our world. Things like sorting our recycling, choosing products made from natural fibres, and supporting local businesses can collectively contribute to a healthier planet. We are proud of our efforts to be sustainable and invite you to join us in making a positive impact on the environment.

Together, our small steps can make a difference.