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AllerProtect Pillows

Product Type Size Length (mm) Width (mm)
Pillow Standard 700 450
Pillow Filling 100gm n/a n/a
Cushion  45 x 45 450 450

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We are sorry, this item is  SOLD OUT and unavailable at the moment.  To replace or update your pillow, we  recommend  you choose an alternative pillow and use a MiteGuard Pillow protector on top.  

Struggling to find the perfect pillow? The average pillow has a life of 12-18 months, with dust mites, allergens, mildew and mould spores taking over the pillow contents, which can trigger allergies and interrupt your sleep.

Our AllerProtect pillows can offer a solution to those of you sensitive to dust-mites and their allergens.

AllerProtect pillows NZ, have a 3.5 micron cotton barrier fabric encasement, that protects the pillow fill from dust mites and cat allergen, so you can just put your normal pillowcase over the top.  You can sleep safely knowing that your pillow will be free from these irritating allergens.

The filling is made of 700gm knops - small balls of fluffy hypoallergenic, moisture resistant polyester fibres.  The filling feels & moves like down, providing a comfortable sleep with a soft - medium feel.  There is a small zip opening through which you can add or remove fill, to make it the right comfort level for you. You can purchase additional fill here.

The pillow fill and casing can be machine washed & tumble dried. The fill needs to be washed in laundry/washing bags then refilled into the case when it is completely dry.  Full washing instructions can be found here.  This is a great feature for when someone gets ill, or if someone is particularly sensitive and the pillow needs an extra clean. It also prolongs the life of your pillow.


Tip:  Wash your pillow 3 monthly, or alternatively, consider using an additional pillowcase or pillow protector to protect your pillow from hair & body oils, or pet dander.   

Pillow Features 

  • Standard sized pillow (700mmL x 450mmW)
  • 3.5 micron barrier fabric cotton case
  • 700gm hypoallergenic fill
  • Adjustable fill levels
  • Washable fill and case
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Made in New Zealand

Product Care

Product Care

Wash your MiteGuard® Covers in hot water (60°C) every 3 months. We recommend doing a hot wash every time the seasons change.  

In the meantime, you can vacuum your covers, or wipe them with a damp cloth between washes to keep allergen levels down.

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Reduce allergy symptoms with MiteGuard Dust Mite Protection

Is it a dust mite allergy?

Frequent sneezing, a runny or stuffy nose and itchy eyes at bedtime are common symptoms of a Dust Mite allergy. You might also cough, have a wheeze or develop eczema.

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Need a custom fit?

Need a custom fit?

If the standard sizes available here are not quite the right fit for your requirements, contact us about a made-to-measure solution.

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