How to put your allergy protective covers on your bed
November 12, 2021

How to put your allergy protective covers on your bed

What is the best way to put your MiteGuard® mattress protector on the bed?

Mattresses are bulky items – so let’s make this a simple process.  

 First, strip your bed.  

  1. Give your mattress a vacuum down, to get rid of surface dust and allergen particles. Use the small flat vacuum head if you have one. 
  2. Next, stand your mattress up on its short end at the end of the base.
  3. Or- if you have a foot board, lift the mattress so the bottom end protrudes over the edge
  4.  Open the mattress protector zip right up and slide the mattress cover down over the top end of mattress.  
  5. Shuffle the cover all the way down and then place the Mattress back on the base.
  6. Flatten the internal flap, so it sits between the zip and the mattress
  7. Zip your MiteGuard® Mattress Cover closed.
  8. Now pop your regular bed linen over the top of the cover.

Extra tips 

Moving your mattress around can release allergens and dust into the air – so if you have allergenic children around – occupy them elsewhere whilst you do this job.

If you are allergenic – you can wear a suitable face mask to reduce dust inhalation

If you have a helper – use them – 2 pairs of hands are easier than one.

 How to put you MiteGuard® Pillow cover on

  1. Air your pillow in the sun or wash and dry it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Open the zip of your Miteguard® pillow cover.
  3. Insert the pillow – to give a good fit push the pillow corners into the corners of the cover.
  4. Position the flap of the cover over the top of the pillow.
  5. Zip your pillow protector closed. Flatten the zip head under its covering flap so it is protected.
  6. Put your favourite linen pillowcase on top.


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