AllerProtect Pillow- zip open showing fill
July 02, 2023

What is the right way to wash my AllerProtect pillow?

What is the right way to wash my AllerProtect pillow?

Here is the best way to wash your pillow.  

First, you will need 1-2 large laundry washing bags - the type that go into the washing machine – we find the ones with a fine mesh (small mesh holes) are best.  

  1. Take your pillow and remove any outer decorative case or extra pillow-protector. (You can wash these at the same time).
  2. Open the small zip at the end of the pillow.
  3. Empty the fill into the laundry/wash bags. You might find this easier using your hand, rather than trying to shake the fill out. 
  4. Zip the wash bags closed.
  5. When the pillow casing is empty, place it and the wash bags of fill in the washing machine.
  6. Wash the case and fill – up to 60℃ (hand wash them if you prefer).
  7. Tumble dry: med-hot temperature is best (line dry it if you want). You may need to move the fill around in the wash bag part way through for it to completely dry.   Air it for half an hour or so afterwards.
  8. When the fill and case are completely dry, put the fill back in the case, making sure the flap sits under the zip before you close the zip.
  9. Plump your pillow into shape and pop your pillowslip back on.

 Sleep well.


If washing your whole pillow is inconvenient, you can use a MiteGuard pillow protector for an extra layer of barrier fabric, and simply wash the MiteGuard® pillow protector every 2-3 months. 



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